I guess you could call it that. Your journal, your diary, if you’re writing about your life it’s your autobiography. It has a nice ring to it also. Instead of saying “I’m writing in my journal” or worse, “I’m writing in my diary”, you can say: “I’m writing my autobiography. After I’m dead feel free to read it from cover to cover”

The point to all of that was this: I’ll be writing various things I do, things I think, things I see and observe around me. If you don’t know me in real life it might be terribly boring but for the rest of you, it might let you discover parts of me you never knew existed.

But for now, I must go to bed. It’s almost 2 AM and my eyes are itching. The eye doctor said it could be “irritation” or “allergies”. I have my doubts about the allergies because I’ve never had them before. Only in one eye, is that unusual…?

The semi-normal, day-to-day life of a female Marine