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The Gate Keeper

The Gate Keeper is called the Gate Keeper because he chose that as his radio call sign while we were on guard duty. I was the Key Master. Apparently this is from some movie I’ve never seen before.

He likes to eat the food Derek and I make and he also spends an enormous amount of time on the phone with his girlfriend, who lives in Alabama. The Gate Keeper purchased a brand new PSP, a handheld Playstation and the graphics and games are so wonderful that he told Heidi she would have to “turn it up a notch” to compete with his new toy. She told him that every time he buys something for it, he has to buy her a gift of equal value. We’ll see how that goes.

The Gate Keeper and I got promoted to corporal together on July 1st. He is supposed to get out of the Marine Corps while I’m in Iraq, so some day in August will probably be the last day I’ll ever see him. I will have to go to Alabama one day to see if nighttime on the water is as awesome as he says it is.

The Gate Keeper playing Trivial Pursuit outside Awesome’s room.

The Gate Keeper in a failed attempt to recover his front seat by force.