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Stewie is a gigantic hermit crab I bought shortly before New Year’s. He killed his companion hermit crab only days after they arrived in my room and he’s been alone ever since. I let him run around outside but I don’t hold him much because last time I did, he punctured a hole in my palm.

Stewie appeared to be outgrowing his ugly pet store shell so I bought him a lovely selection of new shells to choose from. Apparently, he likes the ugly shell because instead of moving his skinny crab ass into one, he just hides his face in the new shells when he doesn’t feel like facing the world.

While I was gone for a month during the NCO Supply Course, Stewie was babysat by Awesome, with a little help from the Gate Keeper. They must have done something right because he survived.

Since I’m going to Iraq soon, Stewie will need either a foster home or an adoptive family. Let me know if you would like to care for a vicious, ungrateful crustacean who kills his friends.

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