China – Day 1 – Arrival

I’m in China!

My brother has lived in Beijing for three years now and this is the second time I’ve been able to visit. My goal was to post photos every day, but it has taken me FIVE DAYS to finally be able to do it. First I had to buy access to a VPN, then I had to download and figure out how to use Lightroom because I don’t have Photoshop on my new laptop, then I fought with Lightroom and WordPress trying to find a faster way to post photos in gallery-form. But I failed, so this is happening the old-fashioned way…aka, the way I’ve always posted photos.

DohaBecause I’m a hopeful procrastinator, I bought my tickets VERY late, and ended up with a seven-hour layover in Doha. If I knew anybody there, I would have made an attempt to flee the airport.

I love desert.

Last time I came to China it was January, so the first thing I noticed on the way into the city was the ROSES. American gardeners may be frustrated to learn that roses apparently love the climate in Chinese medians and roadsides because they are EVERYWHERE.

This is Vivian, my brother’s girlfriend, during the taxi ride. She is from a “very cold!” city somewhere north of Beijing.