Some favorite quotes from drill

I just rediscovered these quotes in an unnamed draft post. They are quite old now, and all were uttered during the same amusing drill weekend:


“SSgt, go steal me some printer paper. The kind without holes.”

The SSgt was me.

My mission was successful. Shh.


A SNCO races down the main hallway, yelling, “Big Bad Wolf!”



This was soooooooo funny to see and hear in person, even though I knew what it was about. We got lunch one weekend from a local restaurant of that name, and the SNCO was chasing after someone he thought was their deliveryman bringing the food. Turned out it wasn’t the right guy, which made it even funnier.


“The companies see themselves as autonomous, like self-licking ice cream cones.”

An officer, talking about the battalion’s line companies. It was not meant to be derogatory, they can see themselves as autonomous because of the way reserve units are structured. The companies are not always in the same area as the battalion headquarters, they can be hundreds of miles away in different states, so they rarely¬† meet battalion staff in person, and basically function independently…or so they like to think. :)

I had to stifle my giggles on this one because it was serious conversation…