Fresh Hatchlings

My sister lives down the street from me with her husband and two little boys, and they have a giant flock of chickens. Or “giant” compared to most typical suburban neighborhoods, which tend to have zero chickens per household.

After several unfortunate predator mishaps, they now have a stable flock of about seven laying hens and one rooster, plus about 16 half-grown chickens that will someday become chicken nuggets and other delicious meals.

But their newest project has been trying to get their eggs to hatch instead of eating them. The first batch of eggs they had in the incubator didn’t make it because of a couple of extreme temperature fluctuations, but the second group seemed to be doing fine. And then a couple days ago I went to their house and found these!

baby chicken
The gray one looks like a mouse! So cute.


baby chicken
The kids are thrilled of course. This chick has just been removed from the incubator and is on its way to the holding cage to hang out with the other new babies.


baby chicken
The cage keeps the chicks from escaping, the dogs from eating them, and the toddlers from playing with them.


baby chicken
My brother-in-law said he is going to use this photo as his farm logo. Ha.

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