OpSec Lesson for Trolls and Commenting Policy

I’ve attracted fine example of a commenter who thinks he can be stupid online and get away with it. He posted his smelly garbage on this old article about the flexed-arm hang:

Submitted on 2012/06/26 at 20:10

“ahahahahahahaha. wook. hey jane warrior, you sound really badass. female marines are soooo cool. you guys are like real warfighters right? “i need help getting on the bar, my tampon might slip out”. get the fuck back in the kitchen bitch.”

“Ryan” was a dumb commenter. He used a valid email address, and in 15 seconds I used it to pull up his unsecured Facebook profile which showed me his full name and his wife’s name. Then I Googled the email address and the first result contained his cell phone number. Since his Facebook page had photos indicating  he’s a Marine, I looked up his name in the Marine Corps-wide email system, but he wasn’t there. He appears to be mortarman in the photos and from what I hear, grunts don’t usually get email accounts.

Oddly appropriate Terminal Lance cartoon from last month.

Had he been in the directory, it could have showed me his rank, unit, military email address, work address, and work phone number. Using that data, I could have found his supervisor’s contact information and called to tell them they work with an idiot.

So, commenters,  either BE POLITE, or be smart enough to hide the trail of crumbs I can use to follow you back through the Internet and hit you over the head with a tampon. Because those totally fall out when we do the flexed-arm hang. Might as well use them for something.


EDIT: During drill weekend I realized that he didn’t need to have an official email address in order for me to find him. I just looked up his name in Marine Online and it gave me all of the information I mentioned above. It also confirmed my guess that he was a mortarman. It turns out that the first name he uses on Facebook is really his middle name, but that wasn’t a problem at all.

He’s the only Marine in the ENTIRE MARINE CORPS with his last name.

Now that I actually have his work phone number and address staring at me from the computer screen, it’s tempting to call or to send a friendly postcard…

16 thoughts on “OpSec Lesson for Trolls and Commenting Policy”

  1. uh ok, wow. you’ve got me shaking. you have my blessing, call my command. i’m sure they’ll take time away from their busy day to talk to you about me hurting your feelings. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  2. Wow… I’m so thankful you empowered women…NOt! You’re an idiot! That is all.

  3. Oh and Ryan…though I’m a woman in the military, I thought that was pretty funny…to an extent. But just because you same some stupid/immature crap at the end doesn’t mean I’d EVER waste my time trying to locate your personal info to ‘tattle tale’ on you to your command!

  4. Wow great job SSgt way to waste tax payers money. I’m so glad that they pay you to do this. This just proves you have no life at all, it’s a comment made by a LCpl. So what do you think his command is gonna do NJP him, NO they don’t have time for petty things like this. I don’t know if you know this there’s a war going on that’s what their worried about not some stupid blanket statement some one said, their also not worried about what some butt hurt SNCO reservist says about this dumb. So stop stalking people that’s weird and stop wasting tax payers money be a real Marine and do your job be a leader like you should be. Stop crying over spilled milk he’s someone you’ll never see worry about your Marines that your in direct charge of.

  5. Wow way to go SSgt way to waste tax payers money. This prove you have no life. What do you think his Commands gonna do NJP him? No there’s a war going on that’s what their worried about. Not some dumb blanket statement that some reservist SNCO got all butt hurt about. Do what the Marine pays you to do and be a leader not some high school girl. Worry about the Marines your directly in charge of not some LCpl you’ll never see.

  6. 1. My feelings weren’t hurt. I actually laughed and rolled my eyes. Really? “Get back in the kitchen bitch?” How original and clever! Your literary skill astounds me.

    2. I never intended to call anyone’s command. It was merely a warning for Marines who think they can do dumb stuff online without anyone figuring out who they really are. Plus, I was just curious to see how easy it would be to find you.

    3. Take a chill pill. That web search took literally less than five minutes of my time, which is probably exponentially less time than you spend watching TV every day. In fact, I probably spent less time looking him up than you spent reading the post and writing your comment!

    4. Stalking would be if I continued to search for information on him and tried to contact him, or his family or friends. I did none of the above. I hadn’t even thought about it again until just now when I checked my comments.

    5. What’s makes you think I wasted tax payers’ money? I’m in the IRR. Hahahaha. Wow.
    Actually, I work for FREE EVERY SINGLE DAY taking care of my Marines because in the Reserves you don’t get paid for what you do outside of drill weekends. And since I’m in the IRR I don’t get paid for anything.

  7. This will be my last comment. Do realize you just posted this for everyone to see.

    1 you only see your Marines on Drill weekend. Seriously, What do you do any other time with them?
    2 Stalking him yes you did…you found out that he had a wife. That’s stalking to me.
    3 posting this and researching all this probably took more than 5 min.
    My last thing I have to say is you should watch what you say over the Internet cause the last comment you wrote contradicted everything you said in the first place.

  8. I found out that he had a wife the same way I find out any random unknown celebrity or other person I read about in the news has a wife when I Google their name to see who they are. That’s not stalking. I suggest you read up on stalking. Ryan is not famous, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t as easy to find online as famous people are. I’m not famous either but when someone looks me up online and reads all about me, and then says “Hey I found you online and read all about you!” I don’t cry about being stalked because that’s not what it is. That’s the price you pay when you put your personal information all over the Internet for everyone to see. Ryan found out the hard way.

    Your comment shows how little you know about the Reserves, and my last comment would make sense if you read the post I wrote after this one about how I ended up back in the IRR again. I’m working on entirely a volunteer basis right now.

    I think it’s funny that Ryan’s widdle fweelings were so hurt that he had to bring in all his buddies to help pester me. Hope you guys had fun!

  9. i don’t even know them, you just look like a retard so people chimed in. and how would i be butt hurt because you got upset over what i said? i know anyone can find out who you are over the internet, i used my real name and used my personal email address……. i don’t give a fuck. and one more thing, aren’t you supposed to be in the kitchen now?

  10. No, it didn’t. I just used you as an example of how saying nasty things online could come back to bite someone. THAT clearly got to you though, since you have repeatedly come into my kitchen to flap your gums. If you’d really gotten to me, I could have deleted all your comments without publishing them and blocked you from commenting.

  11. Frankly, telling servicewomen to “go back to the kitchen” is immature and sexist. If you’re secure in your manhood, you won’t need to put a woman down to make yourself feel great.

    Furthermore such behaviour risks leading to a waste of perfectly good talent. If we discourage women from entering the military, that cuts out half our potential personnel pool by default. I don’t believe that a woman is necessarily unsuitable for the military. But even if, *on average*, women are unsuitable more often than men are, there will still be a significant number of women who *are suitable.

    Hence, putting servicewomen down is not only wrong in principle, it’s also bad in practice. Any pragmatic male soldier/marine/airman/sailor will take all the good people he can get, male or female.

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