Sgt Lena Basilone – Part Three

I wrote a new post about Lena Basilone for the Woman Marines Association blog: Sgt Lena Mae (Riggi) Basilone.

It has some of the same information about her that I included my two previous posts (here and here) but it also has some new information and new photos too.

I’ll repost it here in the next month or so for you lazy folks.

Here is the link to the article:

Sgt Lena Mae (Riggi) Basilone: “Thanks to a character in the recent television series called “The Pacific”, the name of a female Marine has made an appearance on the pop culture radar: Lena Mae Riggi. If the name does not sound familiar, you may recognize her married name: Basilone. She was the wife of John Basilone, one of the famous Marines every Marine Corps recruit learns about at boot camp. He is often discussed in Marine Corps history classes but no one ever mentions that his wife was a Marine too…” Continue Reading