Fourth Annual MILbloggies Officially Kicked Off – Nomination Phase: The 2010 Fourth Annual MILbloggies has officially kicked off today, and runs through April 7, 2010 until 11:59 PM EST. The MILbloggies are currently in the nomination phase, which will last until Saturday, April 3 11:59 PM. The top 5 nominees in each eligible category then move into the Voting Phase starting Sunday, April 4.

There’s only two other Marine blogs so far and one of them is a female Marine I’ve never heard of.

How on earth did she escape my vast female Marine RSS news feed monster??

So…..feel free to nominate me!

3 thoughts on “Milbloggies”

  1. Well, I voted for you!
    Yay! What you do is unique, and I always enjoy your POV. I didn't know about the Milbloggie awards either, until someone notified me I had a couple of votes in the military spouse category! But I'm there because I run lots of photos of my cat, and everyone loves Panda! ;)

  2. I feel a little bad since I haven't been posting regularly lately but I'm slooooooooowly getting back into it!

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