Female Marines in the Media – 43

Female Marines:

Video: On Iraq’s Front Lines, It’s ‘A Woman Thing’ A news report with several interviews with Marine Lionesses.

The mind set of a first term re-enlistee: As most Marines draw near the end of their first enlistment, the question is often asked: “Should I stay in?” Once I entered the fleet to begin my career in the Corps four years ago, I loathed going to work, and being around Marines annoyed me.

Intriguing People – Julianne Sohn: Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen are scheduled to testify before Congress on the Pentagon’s plans for repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the law that bans openly gay people from serving in the military. Sohn, a Marine Corps veteran, will be watching closely. When she was first in the Marines on active duty in 1999, she said there were rumors that she was gay. She did come out to her peers, but there was no retribution.

Every Woman Has a Story, Share Yours: Where the Difference Begins’ Featured Photos for last week.

Mail Call: Marine Memories…1952: It was Nov. 10, 1952 at the rifle range at MCRDPISC and our Colonel had arranged for a platoon of women Marine recruits to attend our ball at the battalion lyceum. I was fortunate enough to meet a gorgeous blond and we danced the night away despite the best efforts of her D.I. to keep us from enjoying the music by ordering us to not dance so close.

Sgt. Charity Perrine – Combat Not For Women: I have been in the Marine Corps for nine years. After deploying to Iraq and going outside the wire with an infantry battalion, I realized women do not belong on the battlefield. The male Marines were outstanding and very supportive, but the locals were the problem. Locals thought female Marines were a joke when they saw us on patrol. I am not saying that women can’t handle the job of a Marine. I am just saying that having them on the battlefield causes way too many problems.

Women Marines Association pays visit to MCT: The history of women in the Marine Corps was recently presented to combat instructors and Marines from Student Administration Company, Marine Combat Training Battalion, School of Infantry-East, Camp Geiger, N.C., when members of the Women Marines Association paid them a visit.

63rd Anniversary of Women in the USMC: It was 13 February 1943 when women were officially instituted as part of the Marine Corps. Though women have served their country honorably in the Corps since 1918 it was not until 1943 that the Women Reserves became an official part of Marine Corps.

Fighting for Our Fighting Women: When 17-year-old Lindsay Long enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps back in 1977, a woman’s role in the military was far different than it is today. “It was peacetime and we were perceived differently than the men. I was called a ‘Woman Marine.’ Today, women in the Corps wear helmets and armored vests, carry weapons and serve on the front lines.”

Woman hopes to become fishing guide after military career: Savannah Zanosky is one of the last people you’d expect to want to be a fishing guide. This wisp of blue eyes and shy smiles is another one of those books you can’t judge by its cover. And fishing-guide dreams are the beginning of her surprises: with a slow economy, and being fresh out of high school, Savannah decided guiding wasn’t an immediately realistic way to support herself, so she joined the Marine Corps.

Not female Marines yet:

Student graduates early to join the Marines: Rather than wait around for “Pomp and Circumstance,” Brii Hirt said “Semper Fi.” Last Friday after accelerating her high school coursework, the 17-year-old graduated early. By Tuesday, she was at Parris Island, in South Carolina checking in for a 13-week boot camp.

Pressing Forward: I worked myself so hard into being a Marine, that I mentally convinced myself that if being a Marine wasn’t going to happen for me, then I’d be nothing at all. I forgot that I am a writer, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I forgot that I am me and there’s nothing in this world that can change it, not what I achieve or don’t achieve.

More Photos:

(Some found via Where the Difference Begins and the Women Marines Association)

A Marine fainted during the opening ceremony of the annual combined military exercise Cobra Gold 2010 at U-Tapao airport in Thailand. About 14,000 military personnel from the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Japan are involved in the exercise ending of Feb. 11.
-Pornchai Kittiwongsakul, Getty Images

U.S. Marines assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion 4, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, place a waterproof tarp over their tent at Shadow Range, Iraq, March 23, 2009.

U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Stacy Beebe, left, a drum major with the Marine Forces Pacific Band, stands at a modified position of attention as the band performs during the Colors and awards ceremony on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Hawaii, Jan. 15, 2010.

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Anna Wallace, assigned to Marine Aircraft Support Squadron 1, 2nd Marine Air Wing, loads a rucksack onto the back of a truck at Asad, Iraq, March 23, 2009. Wallace will undergo training in the Lioness program.
-Lance Cpl. Audrey Graham

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Brandy Young assigned to 2nd Supply Battalion, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, uses a mirror to search underneath a vehicle during search procedure training at Shadow Range, Iraq, March 27, 2009.
-Lance Cpl. Audrey Graham

-Getty Images, 1998

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kailyn Dailey, Combat Camera, videotapes Marines with the Tactical Training Exercise Control Group (TTECG) during training at Range 210 at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif., Nov. 25, 2009.

U.S. Marines conduct Israeli counterterror warfare training weapon drills Nov. 18, 2009, at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan. Nir Maman and Shay Amir, Israeli Defense Force counterterror warfare fighting instructors, are at the air station to train selected Marines.

Cpl. Susana Craig, an electrician attached to the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment’s Female Engagement Team, talks to Afghan children during a patrol in Khwaja Jamal, Afghanistan, Dec. 29.

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