Naked Female Marines

A disturbingly large number of web surfers surf their way into my blog by using Google to look for things like “marines boobs” “naked female Marines” or like today, “naked female Marines in Iraq”.

Hilarious. I think I’m going to set up a post that just happens to mention all those words to throw them off the trail…..hey wait, I just wrote a post using all those words. Great. Less work for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of naked female Marines to post. (not that I would! geez)

Or fortunately, if you are a female Marine who was foolish enough to let somebody take pictures of you minus the cammies and underpants. Especially in Iraq. I mean, I know it’s hot out there, but not THAT hot!

And really, if you’re a female Marine that means you know lots of male Marines and if you’ve been around them for more than fifteen minutes, you should know that any naked pictures they get their hands on are immediately shared with the entire unit. Especially pictures of you.

I’ve had the misfortune of walking in on enough “sharing sessions” to know.

It’s rather odd to stumble in and see your naked boobies dangling around on somebody’s laptop screen and then to see you in the hallway five minutes later, boobies all covered up.

The main reason this post got so long is because boobie is fun to type.

14 thoughts on “Naked Female Marines”

  1. This post alone will double your traffic. All the new hits for “boob”.

    I wrote “Fergie’s Butt” in a post over a year ago. I still get three hits a day from it.

  2. Maybe I should just find a way to say “boobie” in every single post I ever write. I’d be the most popular milblog ever!

  3. If you throw in “tit” and “pu***” you’ll be rivaling Blackfive within a month.

    Better sign up for AdSense now.

    Of course you might not like the ads AdSense gives you if most of your traffic comes from people searching for “Female Marine Tits”.

    Oh, and you’re welcome for me adding “tits” to things that search engines will now pick-up on.

  4. I sure you could also tell stories about the oversized, dark, roosters we see in Latin America to get some more hits.

    Of course you would have to make a few choice changes to some of the aforementioned words.

    But you could get away with it.

    And since she will probably read this.

    HI MOM!

  5. Well, I would think it is a two way street and all. Some ladies like a guy in uniform, and to every action… Now that I’m actually picturing the scene from Terminator 3 with the T-X wearing the Air Force uniform and all I now have a smile on my face.

  6. dang this college drop out sitting in a nice warm public library in toms river, nj, usa just learned some new tricks from a girl in iraq. just did my first blog a couple of weeks ago and have a lot to learn. by the way you looked cute in your red dress. should be out swinging a hammer or paint brush, but i’m up to my neck in illegal mexican competition. the NEW alamo, i guess. keep up the good work over there. god bless all of you, hope you get to come home soon.

  7. I do VARIOUS searches for “female marines”, but for admittedly less exciting reasons lol.

    It’s how I found your Blog today!

  8. in any search i make with “female marine”, your blog is on the top of the results. today i searched ‘”female marine” cornrows’ to see about regulations, and this entry specifically came up. HMMM.

  9. I was actually looking for sexting pics of female Marines.

    So dissapoint devildog, so dissapoint.

  10. This is the first time I have ever been to this place. I came here via Google, but not because I was looking for “marine boobs” (if I really wanted some porn, I would use better search methods).

    What brought me here was an interest in finding out more about FETs, or fets, and my search words in Google were “female marines in iraq”.I wanted to see if there was some equivalent of the fets in Iraq.

    I was learning a lot about these women who were making a big impact on the Afghan population’s perception of the US and their willingness to support the US and their government to create a stable state.

    I know you probably won’t see this since it says this specific post you made was created in 2007, and that when you made this post you may or may not have even been in Afghanistan yet (I don’t know since I just stumbled upon this place and I’ve never tried to learn about female troops in Iraq or Afghanistan before today), but I just thought that I’d like to show you that there are people who appreciate your efforts in serving our country even when they don’t agree with why you were sent there or were indeed actually looking for some “marine boobs”.

    I hope the best for you and your efforts in these conflicts.

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