New Female Dress Blues!

I didn’t find out about this until just now, but apparently the Uniform Board has been working on a new design for the female dress blue blouse. After looking at the photo, all I can say is:


But it’s only a step in the right direction, as far as I’m concerned. This particular design just adds a new, more leatherneck-like collar, called a mandarin collar. No more silly necktab and white shirt! Now all they need to do is put the red piping around the edge, let us wear the white belts and burn all the horrible bucket covers.

I was a little disappointed with the working group results though. Three disapproved and three approved. I hope that’s not a bad sign. Next up is the Command Representative Review, then the Uniform Board, and then the CMC Decision.

I guess this was part of the “Wear Test/Surveys” phase…

32 thoughts on “New Female Dress Blues!”

  1. I’m with you… I think the female Dress Blues are awful. The men’s look far better! Why can’t everyone wear those?

    Psh, rules. They need to consult me for fashion advice. :D

  2. My poor little heart was temporarily crushed when I first learned that I wouldn’t get to wear those barracks covers, white belts and would have to wear a blouse that looked more like the Navy girl picture posted outside my recruiter’s office than the mythical Marine dress blue blouse everybody thinks of when they hear “dress blues”. Sniffle…

  3. We are slowly losing our sense of tradition. But, as I look back I guess change comes every 25 years or so. I remember wearing white T-Shirts in Cammies :)

  4. Great idea to loose the “shirt” – it will make the unit look like a UNIT when in formation! Always wondered why women had to put up with the visible “ring around the color!” ;-D

  5. I don’t think there’s any other case I would want to wear a man’s clothing in, but this… This!

  6. Another step towards true equality between female and male Marines. The old traditionalists (is that a word?) have been losing ground the last few years and I think we’re going to keep seeing changes like this in very near future.

  7. I cheered when WM drill instructors put on the campaign covers…

    I think that lady Marines ought to have the same style Dress Blue blouse as the male Marines (properly tailored for the female form, of course) complete with the white belt and waistplate.

    Still not sure about the cover, though…

  8. Heh. I would almost (almost) be willing to be happy with the current dress blues if I could wear the male cover. Almost…

  9. You know that hat is just a construction from the 40′s when women marines actually had their own corp?

    I remember when the army went to the black berets and the pain that it seemed to engender among everyone. Those who wanted and those who did not.

    And of course, those who already had them and thought their specialness was being trampled on.

  10. I have been in long enough for sateens and women in blue trousers and powder blue shirts instead of utilities. What I think everyone forgets is that women are built differently than men. The male dress blue jacket is a FORM fitting uniform vice a semi form fitting uniform that women wear. How can uniforms look alike when the womens version would have to be semi form fitting due to chest size. Additionally the bucket hat is used because women have longer hair, and not all women will be able properly wear the mens white cover without cutting their hair shorter than they would prefer.
    As far as uniforms making things equal; get a grip. The uniform does not make people equal. I am a MGySgt and my wife, who was a GySgt, was every bit a Marine as me, and she wore different dress uniforms. The uniform does not make equality.
    My beef is that the uniform issue is now an emotional one. Take emotions out of it and stop trying to read into things.

  11. Hilarious…a male telling females how their uniforms should fit. Adding a leatherneck collar, barracks cover, white belt, and red piping to the female dress blues has NOTHING to with the “form fitting problem” you mentioned. The blouse can be tailored around our boobs just as our current blouse is and last time I checked, we didn’t have boobs at our necks or waists so I’m not sure how that would interfere with the collar and belt.

    P.S. That comment about the bucket covers being used because women have longer hair is utter nonsense. The design of the bucket cover makes it MORE difficult for females with long hair. Trust me, I know, I’ve had to wear one. And yes, I’ve tried on male barracks covers. The inner rim, even on ones that are too big for me, falls much higher on the back of my head, causing less problems with my bun than my own cover with that irritating long pointy tip.

  12. I like the looks of that….but it looks strange without the belt. Her blues jacket looks baggy and not fitted. It would look nice with the belt.

  13. Not hilarious, but a professional Marine Staff Non Commisissioned Officer stating what the uniform regulations read. By the way, also a SNCO who has been in longer than you have been alive. Check the regs; your current dress blue blouse is NOT form fitting, but semi form fitting. Just because somethig may work for you doesn’t mean it will work fo a majority of women; maybe your body hasn’t matured yet. Funny, I’m at the regimental level, and ALL the women polled here say the mens blues blouse looks unsat on women.
    I guess you can’t ever be a leader of male Marines then; since you can’t tell them about how their uniform should fit, right?

  14. Just because he’s a SNCO who’s been in longer than me doesn’t mean his opinion what uniform we should wear is right and I am wrong. I never said our blouse should be form-fitting either. Like I already said in response to him, it doesn’t NEED to be form-fitting to have a belt, high collar and red piping. We don’t have boobs at our neck and waists!

    I almost deleted your comment because of your inappropriate, irrelevant, and insulting speculation about my body. I’m not some little girl straight out of high school with a little growing left to do, thank you very much.

    As for all those women you say think the male blouse looks unsat on females, how many of them have actually SEEN a female wear a properly fitted and sized male dress blue blouse? I’m willing to guess very few, if any, including myself, since they would be out of uniform to wear it and why would they bother wasting the money to buy and tailor one just to see how it looks on them?

    I never said it should or even would look exactly the same on females. Obviously it won’t, because of the extra curves. But, again, those curves won’t interfere with the additions I think should be made.

    P.S. I CAN tell a male Marine how his uniform should fit. I’ve read the order. I just thought it was funny how a man was telling me my cover was made especially for females with long hair, when in fact the cover INTERFERES with the bun those of us with long hair must wear. In other words, it wasn’t something he has to personally deal with. It’d be like me telling a man his jockstrap is, in fact, constructed properly, when he complains it doesn’t fit right.

  15. Leave it to Marines to try to pull rank on each other over an anonymous internet discussion.

    This “not-a-blog” is a fun place. Let’s all be jovial.

  16. I don’t see why men should care what the women wear. It’s not like they’re requesting to wear hot pants and go-go boots. (Come to think of it, they probably wouldn’t complain then.) But the female uniforms, in MY female opinion, do not look nearly as nice as the male Dress Blues. Look at the picture! That says it all.

    Now back to being jovial… :)

  17. I’m with you. When I die I want to be buried in Dress Blues. I could never afford them when I was active. I hope my wish is granted.

  18. Hmmm…. in my experience as a Male Of The Species, I can confidently state that while all jockstraps are indeed constructed properly, there isn’t ONE of them that fits right. Especially after you’ve worn them for a week straight.

    Devildog6771, I also hope you get your wish. If you still can’t afford a set now, maybe some sneaky vet group will buy you one.

  19. I see you posted this in 2005, and in 2007 it has yet to be implemented. I wonder if they’re going to do this at all.

    I honestly think the uniforms should just look the same, including the size of the chevrons. People say that it’s because “men have bigger arms than women,” but that’s not always true. If they were made for the arm circumference, those guys who weigh 95 pounds soaking wet would have to wear the female chevrons, and those women who hit the gym to lift some serious weights would have to wear the male chevrons. Because men tinier than women wear the larger chevrons, I don’t see why we can’t all just wear the same one. I’m not some feminist talking about equality, but a Marine talking about uniformity. The only part of our uniform which I think should stay the same is the piss cover, but even then, I’ve heard men saying they would prefer wearing the women’s one because it fits the head better since it has that curve in it.

  20. I’m with Akinoluna on that reply to Mr. SNCO Who’s Been In Forever. Unless these women have tried on a blouse tailored for them, of course it’s going to look awful. In addition, I really liked that comment about Akinoluna’s body still having to mature…after all, insulting someone is the best way to prove that you right, right? :)

    In addition, he was COMPLETELY wrong about the cover. 100%. The women’s “duck butt” cover is called such because it has that little point at the bottom, making it more difficult to do the bun in a way that doesn’t interfere with the cover. The men’s cover, lacking the dipping point, makes it easier to wear a bun.

    This is the problem with some people who have been in the Corps too long: they think their rank and seniority makes up for their utter lack of knowledge on a subject. They are automatically the authority on things they’ve never done, experienced, or read up on simply because they have more rockers and years in service. I guess all those years spent with the vast majority of our fellow Marines (aka, pig-headed, prejudiced, ignorant idiots) stunts your mental growth.

    “The uniform does not make equality. My beef is that the uniform issue is now an emotional one. Take emotions out of it and stop trying to read into things” is beyond true, but at the same time, this is an issue that doesn’t have to be emotional. I personally prefer the men’s blue uniform because it looks more professional and “military” instead of ours, which looks more like a fight attendant’s suit than a uniform. I personally think the woman in the picture looks better in the “men’s style” blues than she would in her previous one because, like I said, she doesn’t look like she should be asking a passenger on a plane if he needs a refill on his Coke. The men’s dress blue is more uniform, more military, and more professional looking, bottom line.

  21. Oh, and hey, wouldn’t the addition of the belt help create the more “fitted” look since it would bring in the waist? Just a thought.

    3 comments from me, I know. It’s just been a while since I’ve heard about this change and just wanted to comment on it.

  22. They killed the new dress blues idea. I guess enough high-ranking people didn’t like it. Funny thing was, every time I heard about it, people referred that picture of the woman in an untailored blouse and said “This is a bad idea, just look at that!” Right.

    Something else I’ve discovered since I originally posted this: On color guards, having a woman wearing the ducky cover takes away from the visual impact because she doesn’t match.

  23. Why can’t we just wear what the guys are wearing.I mean i hate skirts.Pants i like.So we can be happy just having one outfit.

  24. I agree completely on the dress blues issue. Females should wear the same uniform and cover as the males. They should also do away with the skirts and high heels entirely. One of the reasons the comparison picture of the woman in the current and proposed new dress blues blouse looked bad was because she was wearing the skirt with it. If she had been wearing pants with the new blouse (plus the white belt), I bet people would have been more positive in their reviews.

  25. women need to stop fuckin complaining theyre lucky they even get to wear the uniform the corp should only be for men leave it to soem fuckin liberals to let women feel they need to hold a rifle fuckin gay,
    pussy needs to stay off the field and out of blues

  26. I know a lot of women who are tougher than some men out there. It's about time to recognize humans for their inner strength, motivation, and courage. Sex should not determine your uniform, your attitude should. And Anonymous, your comment shows that you are very simple minded. May knowledge and growth be with you in the future, and perhaps you should try to be always faithful to everyone in your service as well as your country.

    Daughter of a Lt. Col, Marine Corps

    And, to actually be with the point of the blog, I believe that one day the uniforms will be equal, an hopefully the attitudes as well.

  27. Well, after reading all of the input above I can say this, some people have a lot of growing up to do. Some people don’t realize the hard work of others. Some people will never see things from another’s point o view and lastly, why the hell are any of the Armed Forces spending money on making different uniforms!? If females and male wear the same combat uniforms and boot ect what’s the difference with blues. Marine, Navy, Army all of them, the females look like shit compared to the males. I never cared before because it didn’t apply to me given th fact I’m a male but having fought next to some amazing women with the same complaint I realized that if it were me I would have the same complaint. To stand with your head high, in a hard earned uniform makes my day sometimes. I feel for ya girls.

  28. So thrilled to find this site. I was insulted when I showed up at basic training (I’m Army not Marine) and found the female drills wearing a curly cue hat instead of a campain cover.

    Neither the Army male or the female uniform are worth worrying about but it really upsets me to see a female Marine in her dress uniform beside the classic male Marine Dress uniform. The different uniform, like the requirments that women can’t cut their hair really short, seems like a way to let Marine women know that they can join but they will never be “real” marines.

  29. First of all I’d like to say that I love your blog. For someone who aspires to be a female Marine, your posts are very motovating.

    I wish that uniforms were more, well… uniform for women. I always feel like the current uniforms make them stick out and look less like Marines and more like girl scouts/flight attendants. Tie tabs drive me crazy.

    I love looking at photos of female DI’s when they are wearing campaign covers and belts. They look so professional. One other thing that bothers me about the current service uniform is the short, not tucked in shirt. It just makes them look like they are “playing Marine” rather than being a “real” member of the Corps. It’s really noticeable in the Parris Island parade deck graduation photos.

    In my opinion, new uniforms would work if they were done right. The woman in the photo looks embarassed and calls attention to herself. If she was standing tall and proud it would make such a difference.(A belt wouldn’t hurt either) I think that someone should design their own version of the uniform by playing with the tailoring. I think it would make a difference.

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