Rifle Cleaning and Fish Catching

I was told to go clean my rifle so after doing nothing at work for awhile I went to the armory. The lance corporal at the window told me I had to get my weapons card signed first so I headed over to the S-4. We are exempt from going to the rifle range here, which makes sense because we don’t have one, but the armory has rifles anyway and I was assigned one for cleaning purposes. I can’t imagine how it would get dirty when the only thing it’s ever used for is ceremonies.

While I was waiting for the company gunny to sign my card, two of the Marines who work in the S-4 walked in covered with mud and smelling like fish and pond scum. I laughed at them, although I’m sure they weren’t as amused as me. I wouldn’t be either if I had spent the last couple hours catching fish by hand in the puddle that used to be a pond. They have been draining it for at least a week now, but nobody seems to know why.

My weapons card finally got signed but when I arrived back at the armory, two LtCols were busy checking out pistols and cracking jokes like teenagers. One of them eagerly tested out his matchmaking skills when he found out neither me nor the armory clerk had a significant other. He talked non-stop the whole time, asking me dozens of questions about anything he could think of. Not long after I got here, he had come into my office and asked me a supply question, and today he told the other colonel I was the only one to ever give him a correct answer. He asked what I did at work now and they were both surprised at how little it was. One said, “What a waste!” (I was thinking to myself “Well can one of you-with-much-more-rank-than-me move me somewhere else?!”)

As for my rifle, it was the cleanest rifle I have ever had to clean.