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Here’s some of the posts I’ve written about female Marines or that have to do with being a female Marine:


New Female Dress Covers
Feminism and Demoralization of the Military
NPR’s “Women in Combat” Series
No More Skirts In Promotion Photos
What is that…oh right, a skirt.
Pioneering Female Marine Dies
Hilarious Male Animal Defenders
The Taliban Hard At Work
Nake Female Marines
New Dress Blue Cover Design
EC Access Comes Up Again
Female Marine Photos
Hansen Marine Convicted of Raping Comrade>
Females and Military Medicine
Women and PTSD
Boot Camp – Breakfast
They Think I’ll Kill Things. Yay?
Peculiar Version of Friendly Fire
Boot Camp – Cammies
Boot Camp – Toilet

Women After War – Casualties
First Female Marine Officer Dies in Iraq
Crossing Lines
AWOL Because of Harassment
Frilly Things
We Are Marines, Not Males/Females

New Female Dress Blues
Female Marines Guard Fallujah
Tampon Roaches
Wet Squirrel

Eventually I’m going to post links that will hopefully help all the people coming here after searching for these types of things:

Female Marines
Female dress blue regulations and photos
MOSs closed to females
Photos of female Marines in general
Female soldiers on myspace (okay maybe not that one!)

Here’s a couple to keep you busy for now:

http://www.afemalemarine.com/USMC/ – My USMC website with stories of my enlistment, trip to MEPS, bootcamp info, MCT and Supply School stories, and a million links to all sorts of Marine Corps stuff.

Marine Corps Uniform Board – The place to go to find out anything you need to know about Marine Corps uniforms and regulations concerning their wear.

Uniform Regs – Marine Corps Uniform Regulations.

Approved Changes – List of approved changes to the uniform and personal appearance rules.

http://www.womenmarines.org/ – Women Marines Association website.

Women in the Marine Corps celebrate 89 years of service – News article with a brief history of female Marines.

RCT-2 prepares Lionesses for “the wild” – An article about female Marines being trained to search Iraqi women.

Female Marines guard gates of Fallujah – Article about the women standing guard in Fallujah.

Iraq Coalition Casualities – Female Fatalities – Female servicemembers who have died in Iraq.

Image Search Results – Results of a search on usmc.mil for photos of females. Each photo is also a link to the story it appeared with.

Article Search Results – Results of a search on usmc.mil for mentions of females in official news stories.

Women in the Corps – Always active message board for current and former female Marines on Military.com.

Day in the Life of Women Marines – A thread on the Women in the Corps message board dedicated to photos of female Marines.

4 thoughts on “Female Marine Info”

  1. I have a friend who used to be in the marines. Cool to hear that there are girls as well. Thank you for all that you do for this country.

  2. You have a wonderful eye for portraits; you should make a good living with it one day. I support you and all who have boots in the sand over there. You are the first line of freedom, and I have your back. I also have a blog column that I work every week mainly for those from Pennsylvania, but limited to such. If you know of any women or men from Pennsylvania, after you take a peek at my column, please let them know, so they can keep in touch on what is going on here. It is all good news in my column, a portal to home. Here is the address: http://ourboysoverthere.blogspot.com/

    Keep your head down,

    Henry Hill, Plum Pennsylvania

  3. Correction to my comment.

    “I also have a blog column that I work every week mainly for those from Pennsylvania, but “NOT” limited to such.”


    Henry Hill

  4. Wow, I’m sure all of this information will come in handy!

    I am interested in joining the military within a couple years but not sure if I am cut out for it. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for all of this information, I will be bookmarking this blog for sure! :D

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