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I don’t like the word blog. I used to keep an online journal years ago before that word even existed. It’s still on my computer, maybe I will put it into my archives sometime. Just had to get that out.

Anyway, for the most part this journal exists because I like to write. I like to write down the things I do or things that happen to me or things I notice during the course of the day. I am easily amused by the little oddities of life, like the fact that my grandma keeps a Taco Bell Chihuahua sitting on top of her Bible, so I write them down. Going back later on and reading what I wrote makes me laugh. The other reason I started this is so my friends and family can read it and know what I’m up to, and I enjoy reading their comments.

I don’t write about politics very much the way many other blogs do. There’s not a whole lot I can say that hasn’t been said already and I do not want my website to turn into a whiny, intolerant partisan stomping ground as so many of them do. But, like all things you hold inside, political posts do pop out from time to time and I won’t hesitate to tell you exactly what I think of the topic at hand.

I am currently trying to be as anonymous as possible. Some readers know me personally and others know who I am for a variety of reasons but all you new people are out of luck.

You will never see product advertising on my website. I’m curious how much money bloggers make from sticking those ugly ad links in their sidebars…but I figure if you want to give me free money or help out some company’s bottom line, you’ll find a way.

I am no longer able to write much about my day-to-day life due to my battalion’s OPSEC concerns but there is plenty to say that hasn’t been written down before so I’ve been heading backwards in time for material.

I’m tired of people complaining about how the media never prints any “good” stories about the war or the troops so I’m trying to make it my mission to post the ones they do write that apparently nobody reads or just ignores…because the stories ARE out there.

P.S. Note to my command: if you have found this and you’re wondering who the heck I am, ask around at your companies. My detachment knows about this blog. When I signed the colonel’s latest email/internet/webpage statement (issued around July 16, I signed it in early August) I attached a paper with this blog’s URL to the page. My previous detachment was also aware of it.

4 thoughts on “…and My Blog”

  1. hi, I am currently a senior in high school, and about to make a decision that has caused me mor thought, fear, anxiety, excitement, passion, and research ever. I am a female, and am looking into the Marine Corps. I would love to speak with a current female Marine (or former) because it would greatly help me with my own decision. my email address is justgo4it@hotmail.com… i dont know how often you check your website, but i hope soon you will read this and please contact me, i would appreciate it so much

  2. This is to the female that wanted to know more about the Marine Corps through the eyes of a female Marine. I say congrats on wanting to join our beloved Corps. It is a big decision to make and like everyone else in the world you have decisions in your life that you need to make. In my opinion i think that instead of getting just one females opinion you should gather many opinions but even at that length you’ll never know wether you are gonna like being in the Marine Corps until you sign those papers and actually go through the process and expirence what the Marine Corps gives you and i will be completely honest with you. You aren’t always gonna like what happens around you i guarantee it. It’s not possible to go four or even five years in the Marine Corps and like everything that happens around you. But for another thing i will give you any information that i possibly can to help you in your decisions wether or not to join or not and you will never hear me say that i don’t think you should. I think everybody should serve atleast 2 years in the Marine Corps. I will end this entry with this last statement. The fact of the matter is, the Marine Corps is not for everybody. So if you want to pick my brain about the Marine Corps my address is mad_marine_77_69@yahoo.com ok. i hope you learn alot and are successful in what ever you do.

  3. Hi, my name is polly weldon and I really appreciate every thing youv’e done for our country. I’m 12 years old and this christmas my father said instead of getting him a present he wants me to give one to some one currently employed in the Military. please send what you want for cristmas. My e-mail adress is sharkbite718@yahoo.com
    merry cristmas!

  4. I emailed you awhile back but I wanted to let you know there are people state side who know the press isn’t giving us the whole story. I thank you for serving.

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